About us

LDI International is your Specialty Manufacturing, Sourcing and Logistics specialist.

Our many years of real world boots on the ground experience and partnerships in various parts of the globe enable us to provide you peace of mind for all services and products we provide.  Offerings from LDI range from logistics, sourcing and development of specialty products.  We follow and adhere to strict specifications on all of our projects.  A few examples of what we offer are various injection mold parts, specialty metal hardware and electronic connectors, fully assembled ready to ship products.

Some of our current products are Li Battery Products and accessories, Specialty Connectors, Exterior and Interior Products for Commercial and Residential uses, Window Covering parts and products and about anything you might require. Located in North Carolina, we assemble and final test all products prior to delivery. 

Many people have had costly, bad experiences with poor quality or no accountability. You can do a search for anything and find hundreds if not thousands of suppliers and products with ease.  What most people don’t know is that often there is no quality control or standard of production.  You end up with poorly made products that don’t perform as expected. Often those sites are offering products and they have never even been to the factory or place of production. Many competitors are simply doing a search online just like you selling you whatever is the lowest cost.  Once you find out it is too late and there is no recourse.

We excel with complex and hard to find products.  Quality is extremely important. Service and reliability is what sets us apart. Contact LDI International for your professional sourcing and logistics needs.

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